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Is your washer leaking, not cleaning laundry well, running too loudly or failing to run or switch through certain cycles?

The problems you are having are really symptoms of part failure or damage. The solution is typically to replace these problematic washing machine parts. Every repair is straightforward for our Malden based washer repair professionals and no issue is too difficult to handle for us. We're capable of serving your every repair need and can provide emergency services for the most desperate situations. We consistently provide businesses with emergency repair help, often on the same day or following day after we're contacted.

We work on all different brands and models. Some examples include Armana, Electrolux, Maytag, Samsung and Whirlpool. We're also prepared to work on exotic units and foreign models. We can fix any commercial washing machine as well, whether it be a standard coin-operated unit or a heavy duty model.

Who do we serve? Besides our loyal personal clientele, we regularly work with laundromats, hospitals, building managers, etc. We can be your on-call service provider for any urgent situations, as well as your reliable periodic servicing solution. We strongly recommend that you get all of your major appliances maintained professionally at least once a year as it will maximize the unit's lifespan and prevent early failure.

How do we begin? Reach us by calling (781) 265-2450 and arrange a time to get your washer looked at by one of our experts. We will identify the problem, price out the solution and act on it if given your approval. With low rates, top quality services and urgent availability, you won't regret choosing us as your go-to Malden based washer repair service provider.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Are you certain that your washer is balanced and sitting on a level surface? A slight imbalance can cause the machine to vibrate excessively. The shaking can cause the machine to wear out faster than expected. As such, it's essential to use a leveler and adjust the washer to make it balanced on the floor. Also, make sure you do not push the washer to shake violently: For example, if you're running a heavy load make sure you even it out in the washer tub. Avoid shoving a blanket in one side of the machine.


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