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With many years experience and endless positive reviews, our company's reputation is second-to-none. Your appliance repair needs will be left in good hands; not only are we reputable, our rates are also much more affordable than what you will pay elsewhere.

How do we know our services are so low cost? It's simple - when you get a repair done by one of our technicians, you are liable for parts and labor. Those are the two costs we charge for when anyone gets a repair done by us. We aren't billing you for any other reason. If you don't get a repair, your only expense is a minor charge for our service call - a fee that's wiped from your bill the moment you order ANY repair. We provide emergency repair solutions for those in dire need. Our Malden based repair techs regularly help local businesses such as restaurants, schools and churches. We also work alongside many property managers and landlords in the area. If you need an on-call solution for any appliance problem at all, we definitely have you covered.

Our technicians are prepped with all the tools necessary to diagnose and problem. We also give them a range of common appliance parts to drive around with to each job. Our fully loaded work trucks are stocked with all sorts of oven parts that could help with your repair. We may be able to fix your appliance on the spot - if not, we can go get what you need and rush back.

Your repair could be done within an hour or two. The first step is to arrange an appointment with one of our technicians. We can book you in at your earliest convenience, just call (781) 265-2450 to make your appointment.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Take proper care of the stovetop surface of your gas oven. Make sure to wash it off with a towel or rag after every use. Wait for the warm surface light to turn off before you attempt to clean the surface top. Take out any burners and put them in your sink with hot water and dish soap, leave to soak for a couple hours before re-installing. Ensure everything is dried off after wiping down. Be certain that the burners are fully dry before you re-install; make sure you line up the burner opening with the flame hole when installing.


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