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As a primary choice for refrigerator repair in Malden MA, we hold great comfort in knowing our company name is well-recognized around town.

We employ only the most trustable and professional repair technicians in the Malden community. We fully know and understand that refrigerator issues can strike at any moment. When disaster happens, typically it leads to the contents defrosting before it's even noticed. However, if you're lucky and catch the problem right away - you might salvage the contents after all. We are here for your emergency fridge repair needs, just call us quickly so we can come help.

Our services are available when our clients need them the most. We provide recurring assistance to many Malden based businesses and organizations. Whether you're running a small mom & pop restaurant, a fast food chain or a school cafeteria, we can provide the ongoing support necessary to aid in any emergency.

We're capable of servicing and repairing any make or model of refrigerator. We regularly provide our services on popular brands like Armana, GE, LG, Maytag, Samsung and Viking. We also provide assistance for any issues with many foreign units. Our Malden appliance repair parts store carries parts for various models. Further, our work vans are pre-stocked with plenty common parts which can make various simple repairs a breeze. Our pricing system is fairly straightforward and provides everyone with a fair shake. We make you pay back the actual amount we spend on any parts your appliance needs. We also charge a nominal fee for labor based on the national industry averages.

Don't sell yourself short; call a repair company you can trust. Reach us at (781) 265-2450 to get yourself arranged with one of our repair techs now!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Facing a potential refrigerator repair dilemma? A good way to relieve yourself of some anxiety is to conceptualize the entire repair before hiring a professional. Knowing roughly what the job might cost, even if it's not going to be cheap, is rather relaxing in a way. The best repair services around will charge only for parts and labor. So, look up the replacement part(s) your fridge might need and get an idea what that will cost you. Add a nominal amount to cover labor costs and you'll have a better idea on the affordability of the repair.


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