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Receive dishwasher repair help when it's required the most.

Whether it's today, tomorrow or next week, we're ready to serve your repair needs around your schedule. Get in touch with the most reputable Malden central appliance repair company today. We will quickly figure out a time for a repair professional to go to your location. We will diagnose your appliance issues and create a repair plan. You will get a quote for the required repairs. Your quote will be based on the expected parts cost and the fair rate for the necessary labor to get the job done.

We do not upcharge on repair part prices. We do not have any surprise fees waiting around the corner. If you do get a repair, we won't even charge for the diagnosis - it will be fully waived from your repair costs. If you don't get the repair, however, you just have to pay for our diagnostics based labor services. We charge a small amount for your diagnosis if you do decide to skip out on the recommended repair solution. Note: Our dishwasher repair services are extended to commercial clients as well. We have many years of experience working on commercial dishwashing units. Regardless of the magnitude of your repair needs, we're certain we can get your issue resolved.

We come to every repair with dishwasher parts on hand. Many generic parts come in handy for common repairs - this saves us on travel time to collect the needed parts. In many cases, we're in and out within an hour or two with your dishwasher working like new again.

Ready to get your dishwasher fixed up? Contact us at (781) 265-2450 and reserve an appointment with one of our licensed, insured and expertly trained repair techs.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Shall we go over some basic things to avoid when attempting to keep your gas stove clean? Firstly, you do not want to wet the surface too much as it can potentially kill the igniter. As such, avoid using any sprays and simply douse a microfiber cloth in your cleaning solution. Also, make sure not to spray any liquid on the control panel as it can easily sneak inside and wet electrical components, risking both part damage and electrocution hazard. Lastly, do not use any pointed item to break apart an obstructed burner opening - simply use a toothbrush instead.


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