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Dryer problems are the worst, especially when you can't just throw your clothes onto a clothesline in the summer months.

We know the importance of getting your appliance fixed as soon as the issue hits. If you need an emergency repair done to your dryer or any other appliance, one of our qualified repair professionals can make that happen. You can trust us with your repair needs.

We provide fast services but we don't overcharge for our time. No fees are waiting to surprise you when you get the bill. Everyone can contact us knowing what they will be charged for when they receive services from us. Simply put, all we bill our clients for is the original price for their parts and a standard amount for the labor we provide. We respect MASPG handbook recommendations for repair labor rates. Our service professionals are capable of fixing any dryer, regardless of the brand and style. We have local suppliers for any and all dryer parts which includes even the most obscure and oldest models. Our experts have literally worked on thousands of different dryer units over the years and have no problem servicing or repairing yours as well. We can fix any residential or commercial dryer, which includes coin-operated and smart/Wi-Fi enabled models as well.

Let us help you out with your dryer problems. Just get in contact with our phone rep and make a time for one of our technicians to come look at your appliance. We will quickly figure out the cause of the problem and give you a repair quote. No strings attached; we promise not to let you down - just give us the chance to impress. Call (781) 265-2450 now to book us in!

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Typically, there will be a moisture sensor in any new dryer - this sensor is responsible for confirming when clothes are fully dry, at which point the machine is told to shut off. Any little bit of moisture left inside can trigger the sensor to think the load is not dry which can leave it running for much longer than needed. If you notice your sensor isn't reading the moisture of a load properly, getting the sensor replaced is all you can do to stop the load from running for too long.


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